We’re FractalDatatech

We assemble senior-level, dedicated teams to help fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises drive impact and achieve their goals.

How does FractalDataTech make technology work?

Whether organizations are reinventing for the digital environment or augmenting existing business,  digital engineering holds the key to success. While implementation of Cloud & Digital technology by itself is not complex, it is not meeting client aspirations because it is constantly evolving. New services are being introduced, older services are being upgraded, and there are just too many options available to solve the same problem. And these are the kind of circumstances our engineers tackle day-in and day-out, exhibiting Fractaldatatech's DNA to ‘make technology work’ for our clients, regardless of the technology.

Why Clients Choose FractalDatatech?

Global Experience

We have a solid track record of successful Big Data and AI projects completed for a variety of companies all over the world and multiple industries.

Value for Results

Our highly qualified team will take care of all your data needs ensuring high accuracy and quick turnaround.

Favorable/Convenient Terms of Cooperation

We are always ready to offer such terms of cooperation that will be the most suitable for your project needs and goals. T&M and Fixed Price models are offered.

High-Quality Results

Our focus is on compelling results. We build our solutions to address your unique requirements and business-specific challenges.

Our Mission

To shape a world where people and communities thrive. Our people are proud to help turning imagination into reality - building a smart business, or adopting big or small technology.

Our Presence

Wellington, New Zealand
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