Our Manage Services

Expertise includes

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse (DWH) services include advisory, implementation, support, migration and managed services to help companies benefit from a high-performing DWH.


In case of an emergency, our database management solutions will keep up-to-date records of your organisation's data and processes.

Data protection

We ensure your most valuable data assets are secured, reduce unplanned downtime, protect against ransomware, and meet compliance obligations.

Compliance Assessment

By removing silos, we'll provide insight to discover, protect, and govern corporate data, including documentation of objectives and strategy, and how to prioritise and mitigate compliance risks.

Cloud Computing

Increase the productivity of your business using cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools.

Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps)

No matter how complex your IT operations are, Datacom’s AIOps brings together big data and machine learning to give you total control.

Agile IT outsourcing

Agile IT outsourcing unifies our team and yours as we work side by side in agile product delivery for operations. Reduce legacy and create value, together.


We help you map out your IT strategies and rollouts to upgrade, modernise, and transform your business in the market. We support you through the entire rollout process.

Platform Strategy

Our managed services team provides ongoing support and maintenance for all apps, whether they're built by us or not. We work with you to define a solution that works for your unique needs.

Design, build, and delivery

Our domain architects, technical consultants, and engineers will design and build your platforms to enable you to maximise your new or existing platforms and integrations.

Platform Management

We continuously monitor and update your systems to ensure they are secure, reliable, and optimised to achieve your goals.

Deskside and field services

We offer 24/7, onsite end-user device support underpinned with distributed warehouses, logistics, repair, and hardware staging locations. We integrate with other Datacom services or existing IT teams.

Customer hub

Based on how you'd like to be supported, we can offer targeted automation and chatbots, hyper-automation, and virtual assistants.

Custom solutions

Our vendor-independent approach means we look closely at your business to guide the delivery of solutions that realise your strategic outcomes.

Infrastructure management

We set up automation to provision, deploy, and manage computing infrastructure across your cloud, virtual, and physical environments.

Get the most out of your platforms with the flexibility, scalability, and accessibility needed to reduce costs, comply with regulatory pressures, and achieve business goals.

Migration Whether you’re migrating to a new platform or as part of an upgrade, we have the experience, the tools, and proven methodology to get you where you need to be, with the least amount of downtime. 

Upgrade Reduce risk, accelerate performance, increase return on investment, get operational resilience and security compliance, and retire technical debt — the possibilities are endless.

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